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1.) All roses must be garden grown* and must be of high quality.
2.) A rose or roses must be the dominant flower in all arrangements.
3.) Correct name of all roses used in the design must be written on the ARS arrangement entry tag.
4.) American Rose Society Gold, Silver, and Bronze Certificates may be awarded to blue ribbon winners scoring 92 or above with all arranger grown roses. (Arranger grown) roses must be marked on the entry tag if entry is to be considered for these awards. Section F is not eligible.
5.) All designers are eligible to enter. Exhibitors are limited to one entry in a class, but may enter as many classes as desired.
6.) Bases and accessories are permitted unless stated otherwise in the schedule. Flowers other than roses, and dried and/or treated dried plant material are permitted unless prohibited by the schedule.
7.) A card of intent may be included with an arrangement as an explanation of the arranger's interpretation of the theme or class title.
8.) An arrangement incorrectly placed in one class when it should have been in another will be judged in the class in which it is placed.
9.) All entries must be the work of one exhibitor.
10.) No one but the exhibitor may touch or move an arrangement. However in special circumstances, if all efforts to locate the arranger have failed, an arrangement chairman may carefully move an arrangement.
11.) Painted or dyed fresh plant materials or live creatures are not permitted.
12.) The use of plant materials on the state or local conservation list is not permitted. (example: sea oats)
13.) The American flag or flag of any country may not be used in an arrangement or as decoration in any way.
14.) No artificial plant material is allowed.*
15.) Backgrounds are encouraged for classes staged in niches. Tacks, nails, permanent stickem, and staples must not be used on the niches. Niches will be white foam board. Tables will be covered in white paper.
16.) The ARS Standard System of Merit shall be used in the Design Division. One first (purple), one second (gold), and third (green)per class will be awared, if merited. A first place design should score 90 points or more, a second 85 points or more, and a third 80 points or more. Honorable mention ribbons (pink) will be awarded, as judges deem worthy.
17.) To win an ARS high award, an arrangement must score a minimum of 92 points and be a first place ribbon winner.
18.) Severe penalties may result from failure to follow rules and regulations, but only those marked with a * are reasons for disqualification.
19.) The rose(s) in entries in sections D and E must be miniature rose(s) and/or minifloras. Miniature arrangements will be judged at eye level.
20.) By entering this show given under ARS rules, exhibitors agree to abide by these rules.
21.) Entry registration is requested by April 19, with the entries chairman. Entries are to be placed in the show area between 6:30AM and 10:00AM April 21, and must be removed at the conclusion of the show. If this poses a problem please seek the advice of the show chairman.
22.) The number of entries will not be limited unless space is not available. Exception: The number of entries in Class 10 is limited.Please register for a class, or for information, please call.....Show Chairman - Lyndy Myers (904) 272-7885 or Email Schedules will be available at the Jacksonville Rose Society web site at

The Single Score Card for Judging Rose Arrangements

a. Roses correctly named
b. Conformance to type of design
c. Other specific requirements of schedule
Design (5 points per principle)........................30
Balance, dominance, contrast, rhythm, proportion, scale
Perfection of rose(s)..................................30
Including condition of other plant material
Creativity and Expressiveness..........................10
Unique, sets the design apart, superiority in every respect -includes technical execution/construction


SECTION A - Eligible for ARS Princess of Arrangements Award
Staged in white niches 36"H x 28"W x 18"D

Rose with rose foliage only. Any part of the rose bush may be used: hips, canes (with or without foliage), Foliage, blooms or roots. No other plant materials or accessories permitted. arrangers may choose type of arrangement, but must note type on entry tag, and AG if applicable. To be judged according to type of design designated on entry tag. AWARD

SECTION B - Eligible for the ARS Artist's Award
Staged in white niches 36"H x 28"W x 18"D

A modern abstract, with emphasis on space; integrated space; great depth. No one center of interest. May have several emergence points for plant material. Unconventional placement of components and plant materials. Non-traditional containers, multiple openings, or no container. Innovative combinations or organic and inorganic components with roses. AWARD

Class 3: "WEDDING DAY"
A free-form design of irregular, curving outline; insprired by nature; non-geometric. Plant materials used in a naturalistic way. Natural forms determine pattern and design. May have more than one center of interest and more than one point of emergence. May incorporate some characteristics of traditional and abstract. AWARD

SECTION C - Eligible for ARS Oriental Award
Staged in white niches 36"H x 28"W x 18"D

Class 4: "FIRST KISS"
A design in the oriental manner, Moribana style (low container). Vertical, slanting and cascading styles. One-half to two-thirds of the bottom of the container is free of plant material. Foliage must not touch the water. The "frog" is always placed off center and need not be entirely covered. A few stones, but not many, may be scattered to add to realism. AWARD

SECTION D - Eligible for ARS Mini-Royalty Award
Staged in white niches 10"H x 10"W x 10"D

Class 5: "SWEET SIXTEEN" A traditional line mass arrangement using miniature and/or mini-flora roses not to exceed 10 inches in height, width, or depth. AWARD

SECTION E - Eligible for ARS Mini-Oriental Award
Staged in white niches 10"H x 10"W x 10"D

Class 6: "FIRST DATE"
A design in the oriental manner, Nageire style, (tall container) using using miniature and/or mini-flora roses. Nageire is a triangular design with a three-dimensional placement of stems. Emphasis is on naturalness with flowers and foliage freely inserted. Plant material is placed to reflect natural growth pattern. Stems are braced against the side of the container for support. Supporting cross pieces may be used to keep stems in a desired position. AWARD

SECTION F - Judges' Challenge Certificate Eligible for ARS Best Judges Entry
Staged in standard size white niches available

Class 7: "FIRST LOVE"
A standard arrangement, designer's choice of style (traditional, modern or oriental manner) but must be shown on entry tag. Design not to exceed 24 inches in width or 18 inches in depth. AWARD

SECTION G - Eligible for Court of Etiquette Award

A bed tray for one with a floral arrangement staged on a cloth-covered table 36" wide. Tray is the responsibility of the arranger. A cloth underlay must be used. No flatware is allowed. A informal functional table setting. AWARD

A bed tray for one with a floral arrangement staged on a cloth-covered table 36" wide. Tray is the responsibility of the arranger. A cloth underlay must be used. No flatware is allowed. This arrangement must use miniature and/or mini-flora roses. An exhibition formal table setting. AWARD

Class 10: "THE PROPOSAL"
A setting for a midnight supper on the beach. a four foot square space will be reserved for the designer. Staging is up to the designer. No flatware is allowed. An exhibition semi-formal table setting. AWARD