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1. Anyone is eligible to submit entries so long as the exhibitor grows
    the roses in his/her own private outdoor garden.  No garden may
    be represented by more than one exhibitor.  A couple exhibiting as
    a team will be considered one exhibitor.

2. This show will be governed by the rules and regulations of the
   American Rose Society.  Registered and unregistered roses are
   acceptable for entry if they are listed in Modern Roses, The
   American Rose Magazine, The International Register of New Rose
   Varieties, The American Rose Annual, the Handbook for Selecting
   Roses, or The Combined Rose List.  The latest supplements to
   these publications is the final authority.

3. Entries will be accepted at the Garden Center, 1005 Riverside
    Ave., Jacksonville, Florida, from 6:00am to 10:00am.  All roses
    entered in the show become the property of the Show Committee.

4. Standard ARS entry tags must be used for all entries (Miniature
    tags for miniature entries and Arrangement tags for arrangements,
    etc.).  Entry tags and all containers will be furnished by the Show

5. Entry tags should be completed to include Section, Variety, and
    Exhibitor's name and address on both top and bottom parts of the
    tag.  Class numbers should be included where applicable.

6. The use of wedges to position a specimen in the container is
    permitted.  Material used must be transparent film or green
    Styrofoam and should not extend above the top of the container.

7. Unless otherwise stated in this schedule, exhibitors are permitted
    to make as many entries as desired in any section, provided each
    entry is of a different variety.

    However, English Boxes, Painter's Palettes and Bowls will be
    available, first come  first serve basis.

   a. Misnamed, misclassed, misplaced, unlabeled or mislabeled.
   b. Presence of foreign substance applied to the foliage, stem or 
       bloom to improve the appearance of the specimen.
   c. Stem-on-stem, a specimen exhibited with a portion of the 
       previous stem growth attached.  Exception: Old Garden Roses
       and Shrubs may be shown stem-on-stem.
   d. Not disbudded.  Any class calling for one-bloom-per-stem 
       specimens must be exhibited without side buds.  A side bud is 
       defined as growth emanating from the leaf axil having sufficient
       maturity to display the formation of a stem with or without
       flower buds.  These conditions are subject to disqualification.
      The presence of one or two leaflets or leaves
      at the leaf axil with no evidence of a stem is cause for 
       penalization but not disqualification.  An undeveloped stem, at 
       the leaf axil, lacking leaf or flower bud development, is cause
       for penalization, but not disqualification.
   e. The appearance of exhibitor's name in any location other than 
       the designated place on the entry tag.

10. Blue, red, yellow and white ribbons will be awarded.  ARS gold, 
      silver and bronze certificates will be awarded roses which are 
      chosen as the Queen, the King, and the Princess.  The judges
      may withhold any award when specimens in any section do not
      merit it.  Only blue-ribbon winners may appear on the Award Table.

11. In each section as many blue (first), red (second), yellow (third)
     and white (fourth) ribbons may be awarded as judges deem worthy.

12. In most cases, an exhibition bloom is considered at its most 
      perfect phase of possible beauty when it is from one-half to
      one-fourths open with sufficient petals symmetrically arranged in
      an attractive outline tending toward a high center.

13. Each variety entered will be placed alphabetically within the 
      designated Class, disregarding color classification.

14. Where the schedule specifies specimens be shown at exhibition 
      stage, it refers to Queen of Show stage.

15. Neither the Jacksonville Rose Society nor the Garden Center will 
      assume responsibility or liability for loss or damage to person or

16. Judges will select "Most Outstanding Exhibit" from all entries which 
    have earned a place on the awards table. AWARD


Stem & Foliage......................20
Balance & Proportion................10

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